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We always deliver on budget. Our goal is to provide the moste efficent solution for the $ - We use in house developers


Win Win

We provide an experienced project management team an gurantee a win win situation for every project. We ask for industrie standard hourly rates


Data Security

All of our projects are developed on dedicated encrypted Swiss server to meet the highest standards for data security



During our business hours you will always be able to get in touch with us - Communication is key


Time Frame

We always aim to outperforme the target delivery date - In cas it takes longer we communicate openly with you


Professional Documentation

Every step of the journey is documented and ready to be checked by you - We will provide you access to our project management tool

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AI, ML, AR - The Future is here - We are Working on it

Current Testimonial Project

myHealth Platform [blue-green ag]

Single point of contact for your health monitoring and warning in case you need to take actions for your well being

Marketing platform for remote system providers, pharmaceutical companies, universities and health care providers with an attractive high potencial target group

Flexable API design to onboard the newest smart e-health devices and present those great products to potential new customers

Furniture e-Commerce Project

AdFinity GmbH created the leading e-Commerce store for one of Europes biggest manufacturers and helped the producer to take a leading role in digitalisation and online furniture selling by creating an individual configurator for over 12.000 SKU with up to 15 bn combinations. Further more we streamlined the logistics process to meet customers expetations. AdFinity GmbH is a leading developer in complex furniture e-Commerce soltions and automation.

AdFinity is specialised in Online Marketing

We have long standing history in markteing products and services in some of the most competitive markets you will find on the internet. In 2010 we started marketing for some of the most profitable mobile and browser games. Since 2015 AdFinity GmbH supported some of the biggest funiture brands to get their name out to relevant buyers.

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myHealth Platform - Soon available on